Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated January 13th, 2021 (Questions and Answers will be updated daily)

Is there a limit on the number of proposals you can serve as PI or Co-PI for RFP1?

  • Yes, researchers can participate in up to three (3) proposals, but may only be the Lead investigator on one.

How many organizations are required to participate in each proposal for RFP1?

  • The intent was for submissions in response to RFP be collaborative, partnering with at least 2 or more collaborators. Partnering with other MESC institutions and other entities (including non-profit or for-profit entities, government agencies, and public or private companies) from in or outside Alabama is encouraged.

Will LOIs be reviewed for feedback?

  • No, LOIs will not be reviewed for feedback. They will allow SeaGrant to find the right reviewers that 1) have adequate expertise to review the full proposals and 2) will have minimum conflicts of interest of reviewers. By requesting the LOI, SeaGrant can start the process of finding the reviewers while researchers work on the full proposals - thus minimizing the time between full proposal submission, reviews and award notifications.