Grants Resources

Guidance document for eSeaGrant account creation and LOI submissions

Current and Pending Support template You may also use the NEW (updated May 2020) NSF form if you so choose. ; however we ask that all PIs on a proposal use the same template for consistency.

Lead Institution Budget spreadsheet template

Subaward Budget spreadsheet template

There are many resources at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab that are available for ALCoE Researchers.

Click here to view DISL Resource Rates

During the Academic Year (August to early May) we have nine 3 bedroom houses that sleep 5-6.

R/V Wilson (46 feet) R/V Alabama Discovery (65 feet) Small vessel (12-30 feet) fleet

DISL has an outdoor mesccosm facility comprised of sixteen 1,000 gallon and four 5,000 gallon flow-through tanks. The Wet Lab facility is currently being upgraded and will have a modular system for conducting multi-stressor experiments (e.g. temperature, hypoxia and pH)

DISL’s Technical Support Department houses a marine chemical instrumentation lab with equipment to measure dissolved nutrients, total carbon and nitrogen, dissolved inorganic and organic carbons, total nitrogen in liquids, chlorophyll fluorescence, metals and some non-metal traces. The Technical Support Department can also assist with dive support (must be AAUS certified), as well as designing and adapting field equipment needed in support of research projects with a 3D printer and machine shop.

DISL has maintained and expanded the ARCOS network of sites since it first came online in 2003. Stations take basic meterological and hydrographic data. Visit for more information.

Data produced from ALCoE funded work will be submitted to DISL’s Data Management Center for archival and accessibility and will follow F.A.I.R Guiding Principles

  • Findable
  • Accessible
  • Interoperable
  • Re-usable RESTORE Act Center of Excellence Data Accessibility and Management Best Practices can be reviewed here.

For more information visit DISL’s Data Management Center: